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To access the administration area of your website, find a link called "Administration" in the header menu or use the administrator's URL that was entered in the installer (default is admin, so it will be like https://youdate.test/admin).


To find out which URL is used, check your .env config file and find ADMIN_PREFIX key.


Dashboard shows most important counters, info, charts, system status.


Users management allows you to find users, update their information, block or delete profiles entirely. Also you can add/remove admin rights, add credits to their balance, toggle verification badge.


Photos management. Default scope shows unverified photos first. You can turn moderation off in the "Settings > Photos".


Pages management. Please note that you have to edit these files carefully - PHP code in this files will be executed; broken HTML structure will affect the resulting view. Also, you have an option to reset pages (restore all page files from the current theme).


Languages management allows you to add more languages, translate the script and theme files.


Reports management allows you to review all the reports and make verdicts (block users or mark report with "viewed" flag).


Verifications management allows you to review all the verification requests and make verdicts (add verification badge or not).



Main settings includes such params like (but not limited to):

  • site name
  • site language
  • meta tags, meta description
  • header html/css/js code (before </head> tag)
  • footer html/css/js/analytics code (before </body> tag)
  • and so on

Photos settings includes photo-related options: min width/height, moderation on/off, max file size.

Payment settings includes currency options, Stripe and PayPal integration params (api keys/secrets).

Payments Setup

Payments Currencies

Prices settings for premium, boost features and their duration.

Cached data allows you to flush app's cached data and compiled assets.