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Gifts feature is a way to attract the attention of users. They can be both free and paid, private or public.

Admins are able to add more categories, hide ones, add/remove gifts items from categories and set prices.

Typical gift is a graphical file (png or svg, 128x128 preferred), which are located in content/gifts/%giftCategory% directory.

For example:

├─ content/
│  └─ gifts/
|     └─ christmass/
|        └─ new-year-tree.png
|        └─ santa.png
|     └─ greetings/
|        └─ hello.svg
|        └─ heart.svg

Adding more gifts

You can add more gift categories/items in two ways:

Scan directory

Upload your gifts directory with png/svg files to content/gifts directory:

Gifts Upload

Then click Scan button and app will detect all new files and add to your collection:

Gifts Scan

Manual adding

Create a new category:

Gifts Manual

Add files and click Upload button:

Gifts Manual 2